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At TRU you will find everything you need to build a better business and a better life.

We bring together premium products, amazing discounts, exclusive services and incredible rewards, to create a TRU Advantage for our community of members and partners.

Finally, there is a place where everyone can win. Are you ready to discover the life changing power of our value incentivized shopping system?

Please be sure to check out our flagship TRU line of products below …

Introducing … TRU Products

Remember on every order you make, you will receive TRUREWARDS Points!



TRUFORMULA is an affordable all natural product that will feed and help revitalize your …



TRUBRU is one of the world’s healthiest coffee and has the power and benefits of coffee fruit that



TRUFOCUS is food for the brain that improves mood, mental energy, increase alertness and



TRUWATER is a groundbreaking product that is environmentally sound and non-toxic to plants, animals and

Happy TRU People

How TRU Works

Refer & Earn … That’s it! Generate income by driving traffic and sales to TRU.

Use the valuable resources we provide to share our products, services and benefits with people globally.

Earn commissions and other TRUREWARDS on every purchase made by customers, members and partners, that you and your TRU Business Team refers through our TRULEGACY EARNINGS Program.

There is a Partner membership option for everyone at TRU! …

  • Join as a TRUPARTNER for a small annual fee of $49.00 USD, and be able to purchase TRU products at TRU wholesale prices, up to 50% off. 
  • Join as a TRUPREMIER PARTNER for a small annual fee of $99.00 USD, and be able to purchase TRU products at TRU wholesale prices, up to 50% off.

On top of that, you also have the opportunity to participate in the TRULEGACY EARNINGS Program, while enjoying many other TRUPARTNER benefits and perks.

You may ask yourself why is there a $49.00 USD & $99.00 USD partner price well … to see the clear differences and benefits between these two partners plans click the button below …

Checking The Options

TRU Resources Make It Happen

We don’t want our member/partners to have to sell TRU. We want them to share and deliver a lifetime of value.

We are dedicated to providing YOU with a wide range of valuable resources and tools, so people know exactly what TRU is all about.

Sharing TRU With Friends

As a TRUPARTNER, you’ll get:

  • Up To 50% Off All Personal/Business TRU Product Purchases
  • TRUREWARDS Points On All Personal/Business Purchases
  • Replicated Retail Marketplace
  • Direct access to a dedicated team of partners and mentors to help you start earning
  • 24/7 access to your very own Virtual Office to manage every part of your business


We know that our members and partners are the lifeblood of our company.

When you partner with TRU you will get access to benefits and services that will help you build a truly rewarding life.

Marketing Tools & Websites Marketing Tools
& Websites

Booking Engine

Concerts, Theatre & Sports

Multiple Monthly CommissionsMultiple Monthly

& Pharmacy Plan


(Coming Soon)

Sponsored TRU VacationsCompany Sponsored
TRU Vacations


Debit Card (Coming Soon)

Monthly & Quarterly Partner DrawingsMonthly & Quarterly
Partner Drawings

Savings Portal

With TRU Everyone Can Win

The TRU Business Model is unlike anything that you have ever seen.

We offer best in class” products at the fairest possible prices.

You receive TRUREWARDS Points on every purchase. Also you can enjoy lifestyle bonuses, incentive trips, great benefits and much more.

EVERYONE can win when you partner with TRU!


The TRU Discount Savings Portals

TRU Tickets

Save big time on everyday purchases … like groceries, dining out, movie tickets, concert tickets … the savings never stop!

Save on lifestyle purchases like travel, cruises, pet care, attractions, sports events, camping, golf, recreation and more!

Our TRUPARTNERS get access to an discount services through various saving portals that are second to none!

TRU Travel

The TRU Advantage


When you need great products & services, you’ll find them at TRU. We search for the best deals on products & services that you use every day. Find deals on coffee, nutrition, travel and even health care coverage. We’re adding new products and services everyday. Join today and discover how you can save with TRU.


Everyone loves saving money. We take savings to a new level. When you sign up with TRU, you’ll get discounts on products and services. Plus, we give you reward points for everything purchase you make. Use your points to save even more. There is no limit to how much you can save. Start saving today!

The TRU Advantage


As a TRUPARTNER, you’ll accelerate our mission to help people around the world build a better life. Generate some extra income just by sharing TRU with others.


Our TRUPARTNER family will help you maximize your time and efforts to succeed. At TRU we all work together as one, so when you build a business with TRU, you can truly Thrive!

Choose The TRU Partnership Option That Fits YOU!


$49.00 USD Annual Fee

Wholesale Pricing on TRU Premium
Products up to (50% Discount)

TRUREWARDS Points on Every Purchase

TRUCA$HBACK Savings Portal

TRUSURANCE Program (Coming Soon)

TRUDISCOUNTS Dental & Pharmacy Program


Partners Only Vacation Portal

Monthly Partner Giveaways

Exclusive 8 Day Vacations


$99.00 USD Annual Fee

Wholesale Pricing on TRU Premium
Products up to (50% Discount)

TRUREWARDS Points on Every Purchase

TRUCA$HBACK Savings Portal

TRUSURANCE Program (Coming Soon)

TRUDISCOUNT Dental & Pharmacy Program


Partners Only Vacation Portal

Monthly Partner Giveaways

Unlimited Travel Giveaway Certificates

Exclusive 8 Day Vacations

Plus all these added perks …

***Qualify for TRUTRIPS

***PREMIER Rewards Benefits

***Qualify for TRUVIP TRIPS

***Qualify for Annual Executive Trips

***$300 Vacation Card


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