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TRU Global Inc. (TRU) firmly resolves, adopts, and implements the following …

Our Promise” for all present and future Partners.

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TRU GIVES … all Partners share the right to be represented by their peers within the TRU Advisory Council.

TRU PROVIDES … the best quality ingredients, products at the fairest price.

TRU GUARANTEES … the right to have the integrity of our TRU LEGACY Earnings Program protected by ensuring that a true 50% of commission-able sales volume “SV” is guaranteed to be paid out in bonuses, commissions, and incentives.

TRU INTEGRITY … ensures there will be no organization structure changes, position inserts, or sponsor re-positioning to uphold the integrity of the organization at all times.

TRU UPHOLDS … the right of a Partner to maintain their active status with the company. In the event that their status is up for review, a Partner has the right to meet with the company review board. The review board will consist of three corporate officers and two advisory board members.

TRU HONORS … both personal business and member relationships that have been established by each Partner.

TRU ADMIRES … your loyalty and commitment to our ideals, principles and mission.

TRU LISTENS … and believes in field involvement and encourages our Partners to submit ideas to management for consideration, as we believe this is where the most innovative ideas are created.

TRU RESPECTS … the right of our Partners regarding all matters which pertain to the status of their business and will in all circumstances give reasonable notice on any and all status changes affecting their distributorship, including all pending disciplinary measures due to a possible breach of the Partner agreement.

TRU RECOGNIZES … your right to fair and consistent treatment because we recognize you as friend and partner in life and in business.

TRU UNDERSTANDS … that a Partner may pursue other business ventures, including but not limited to, other direct selling companies without jeopardizing their TRU Partner Business, as long as, they are within the guidelines of TRU’s Policies and Procedures.

TRU VOWS … it will never sell the control of the company out from under its Partners and will offer its Partners the first right to purchase such equity.

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